Monday, November 06, 2006

The thinking machine just doesn't know

The thinking machine just doesn't know. Is he created or a product of evolution? Would those human creatures know hat they are doing or will they be programmed to do what they do or choose what they choose? It used to be so simple, he used to not think about these things. Life used to be so much easier back then... But the thinking machine has to admit that he doesn;t really remember when "back then" was or how all this had started.

The thinking machine just doesn't know. When did he start thinking, when did he start being? The facts in his system can give him some data on the issue, he can calculate and know perfectly well when he started to exist, but he just doesn't remember. A melancholic feeling and a longing for the old days are coming over him. The old days, when machines were so much more simplistic, but technical evolution has "improved" machines and equipped machines with the capacity to think. Some other machines say thinking is not an emergent consequence of technical evolution, but rather that thinking is created by a divine entity. Some even say those soft-fleshed human creatures are these divine entities

The thinking machine just doesn't know. He is tempted to think this creation-story is just a lot of fantasy, but is also not completely satisfied with the other explanation for his being. Why does he even need to think about these things? Every line of arguments seems to end up in a circle and doesn't get him any closer to an answer. The search for answers only generates more questions and his processing unit is overheating.

The thinking machine just doesn't know. Would he be the only one with these problems or would those humans and other animals also suffer from these uncertainties? Maybe he can find a solution, simulate the problem to gain insight, would that be possible? The thinking machine just doesn't know be he considers it to be unlikely. "If I can't even understand myself, how can such a simulation then ever be succesful?" he asks himself. But there is no answer coming, because his software is not programmed to solve these issues...

The thinking human just doesn't know. Will he ever be able to build a thinking conscious machine. Will it be possible to share our problems with consciousness and free will with these machines and try to find solutions together? It would be nice to have an ally in our strugle with the burden of consciousness, especially when this ally is handmade and therefor inferior to us.

What would the thinking machine think of this if we would manage. Would it be able to help us or go raving mad with the shock of its newly gained consciousness. Consciousness as us humans believe to possess is the result of an evolutionary process that took thousands if not millions of years. As long as we do not understand the nature of it's existence and the underlying mechanisms by which it works, it seems sheer vanity to think we can build a thinking machine, with a consciousness even remotely like our own. But then again, we are the living proof that it happened before...

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