Thursday, June 08, 2006

Final Post?

Okay, after being bugged by numerous people on various occasions I decided to write what could very well be the last post of this weblog. Originally meant to keep my friends and family informed about my whereabouts during my 6-month stay at OHSU in the USA, this blog has lost most of its purpose since I am not much for keeping a diary or commenting on the world's state of affairs n a more than occasional fashion. So here is the update people have been wanting to see:

I have graduated; after 6 years at the University of Utrecht (5 of which where spend studying, 1 as the president of the Utrecht Biologists Society) I walk off with a bachelors degree in biology and a masters degree (cum laude) in neuroscience and cognition. And since I never gave in to choosing one of two designed tracks of interest for the masters program I have them both noted on my degree. So officially I am now a Master of Science (MSc) in Experimental, Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience. After finishing my thesis on the neurobiology of visual consciousness I started working with the department of Functional Neurobiology at the Un iversity of Utrecht and the Helmholtz Institute. For the next four years I will be working on an answer to the ancient questions of visual conciousness and the role of willpower in perception. Exciting and very interesting, with the opportunity to visit excellent affiliated Unis abroad (Rutgers in NY, Oxford, Princeton, Harvard etc).

On another account Sita and I visited Berlin last weekend; a late birthday present. My birthday was in October but Sita's was actually last sunday so celebrating in Berlin was very nice. It's a fun city too, lots of beautiful old buildings mixed with challenging new architecture. The public transport system is operating 24h a day and has great connections. Highlights were the Guggenheim in Berlin, with a nice little collection of modern art and the East Side Gallery, an old 1.5km long piece of Berlin wall thas is now an art project. The city was living towards the start of the world cup soccer, another thng I am really forward to. Photo's of Berlin can be found at my photoblog, which is currently down so they are also available on a flickr site.

Now it's time to grab some coffee; I'll talk to y'alll later, when something worth mentioning occurs...