Thursday, December 01, 2005

Future work

So after arranging and restarting my work at Mediamarkt, I had a meeting with the guys at the Functional Neurobiology department today to discuss my future job as a PhD-student in their research group. My official starting date will be april 1st. That's 26 days before official graduation, but I'll probably have fulfilled all requirements for graduation in february already. So why don't I start earlier, let's say march 1st? Two reasons; First, it gets the pressure of writing my thesis so I have some extra time if I need it. Second, I will be taking care of the practical part of a course in neurobiology in february and march together with one of the senior scientists. I could do this as a PhD-student, but then I wouldn't get paid. If I do it as a student and start as a PhD-dstudent afterwards it has a nice financial advantage for me. Still, if I have the time to do something in february/march I can drop by and use the equipment, talk to people and run some pilot experiments. It offers a broad period of getting started without losing any time of the strict 4 years period that stands for a promotion-project. If I want I can get working place, desk and computer tomorrow, so I can do my thesis work or whatever I think necessary at the department. I will probably use that offer in a couple of weeks when I get really busy with my thesis. In april I will move to a room closer to our actual lab (that is now being build) and we will order my new kick-ass mac!

Something totally different; apparently a computers PSU doesn't like being off for half a year. One of the condensators is probably rotten: it produces a very annoying high pitched noise. It still works but you don't want it on for longer than necessary with that sound. First I thought it would be dust on one of the heatsinks or fans. But after un-coupling everything and extensive testing with spare parts I realized it had to be the PSU. And I only have a 350W spare which is too weak. Buying a new 400-450 PSU will be another 50 euros, that I do not have right now. Well, I still have my laptop...