Monday, November 06, 2006

Remember me?

Hey world, it's me, remember me? Well think harder, cause I am not going to reintroduce myself. I was grading some essays today when I remembered I had some work of my own that used to be on the net but has been taken off now. Before I continue; Yes, instead of having to write 'em, I grade essays these days. It's one of the fine advantages of having a degree and work at a University. Besides my research I am also involved in the teaching here at the faculty of biology. Right now I am the teacher/tutor of a group of first-year students and it's my mission to make them go through the transformation from high-school kids to student as painless as possible. Which means I have to make them write essays, give presentation and teach them an academic attitude. It's actually quit fun, but since the topics they have work through are quite basic biology and I am anything but a basic biologist it takes some time to get acquainted with some of the topics.

I am a neuroscientist; I know about physiology, psychology and biophysics. You should not ask me about plant-virus interactions or the problems with some bird population due to global warming. Thankfully I still know more about it than "my students". Which brings me back to the reason why I am back. I have some short essays and columns rotting away on my hard drive, that I will post here. Unfortunately they are in Dutch, but if I have the energy I will translate them to English when applicable and maybe write a few new ones in the near future.

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